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Maca Root Powder (Organic)

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Planet: Mars

Bulk Herbs: Maca Root Powder (Organic)
Lepidium meyenii

Format: Powder
Size: 1 oz package

Also Known as: Peruvian Maca, Macca, Peruvian Ginseng.

Farming: Organic
Location: Peru

Maca, native to the Peruvian Andes, is a food staple made into cookies, flan, smoothies, syrups, and liquor. It has a rich history of traditional use as a panacea and is referred to as 'Peruvian ginseng.' Specifically, it is prized for its adaptogenic and nutritive qualities. It was introduced to North America, Europe, and Japan in the late 1990's precipitating a stream of scientific studies.

Maca has been in continual use for thousands of years and used as a love charm to inspire romantic interests for at least 500 years. The Inca were thought to have started cultivating this root 2,000 years ago as it was considered by them to be not only a highly valuable food source, but also a sacred gift from the gods. The Spanish encountered maca when they noticed that their horses were struggling with the extreme environment. As the story goes, the Inca suggested they try maca. These passionate Latin conquistadors couldn't help but notice the impressive effects on their animals, and so, they just had to try it for themselves. In Peru, the sweet, spicy, root is considered a delicacy. Many Peruvians prefer the taste of the yellow root, considering it sweeter. It is utilized as a typical grain flour and made into cakes, flan, smoothies, beer, and even a porridge called 'mazzamora.' The dried root will last for 7 years. Maca is considered a highly valuable commodity amongst the indigenous people in this area, and in Peru and other neighboring countries, where it has a long traditional use. The dried roots are exchanged for other food staples such as rice, with communities dwelling at lower elevations. This is often how they reach markets as far away as Lima, Peru.

Magical uses of Maca root are not as yet documented, although as one of the primary food plants it is certain to figure strongly in the spiritual practices of the people of the High Andes. In western practice this herb may be used in fertility magic and as an aphrodisiac for sex magic or tantric rituals. It can also be used to improve stamina and energy levels, though this effect is more noticeable when taken as a tonic over a period of time and does not produce any immediate stimulating effects.

Maca root powder also makes an amazing base for incense cones!

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