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Mookaite (Radiolarite), Natural

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Natural Stones: Mookaite (Radiolarite)

SM: 1/2" to 1" per stone
LG: 1.5" to 4" per stone
Amount per order: 1 Stone

Mookaite is often referred to as a Jasper but it is in actually a Radiolarite which is mined only in Australia. It is actually a type of silicate that grows from Siliceous oozes consisting predominantly of the remains of microscopic sea creatures. These oozes deposit to the bottom of the water, and lays on Opal, which eventually through pressure and heat transforms into Opal CT and finally into chalcedony which is why it looks so much like Jasper. Mookaite, the Radiolarite that is grown in Australia dates back to the mesozoic era, 252 to 66 million years ago!

Mookaite is a fantastic stone for healing of all kinds. It is strongly connected with the water element due to it's creation and it is generally a good stone for those dealing with long term illnesses. Mookaite helps to lift the spirts as well as boosting the body to be able to withstand long treatment. Although it has a powerful effect, it's energy is gentle and comforting and can be used for people and animals alike!

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