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Moonstone Grid, Gemstone set

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Moonstone Crystal Set
5 Pieces of Moonstone

Energy work has become known the world over for its immense benefits to maintaining a healthy mind and body. Working with crystals in their rough forms gives you a stronger connection to the crystal. This beautiful set of 5 Moonstone stones are put together especially for energy work. Please note that some sets may vary and have larger or smaller stones. Each set comes with a organza pouch to keep your crystals safe when not in use. Please remember to cleanse your crystals between uses. Instructions on how to cleanse your crystal will also be included.

Moonstone is a stone of emotions and relationships. It is especially useful for family relationships that need to be repaired or that need some extra help during difficult times. This stone is very effective also when working with children to calm aggression and foster a sense of peace. If you are empathic this is a great stone to use to learn to control your gift and develop it further. Moonstone, ruled by water, works with all types of emotions and relationships and can be very helpful also when dealing with times of strong grief. Instructions on how to cleanse and charge your stones are included!

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