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Motherhood Gemstone Set

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Gemstone Set: Motherhood
Contains: 4 Gemstones

We designed this crystal set for pregancy, childbirth and motherhood! Here you will find stones to protect you and your baby during pregnancy, to ease childbirth, and to protect your baby once its born! These stones will also help you to forge a strong bond between you and your baby! This wonderful set includes the following stones:

* Moonstone - the ultimate motherhood stone. It is a strong protective stone to protect during pregnancy and childbirth. Will help you connect with the mother in all of us to build a bond with your child.

* Rose Quartz - a stone of unconditional love. It opens the heart chakra to all forms of love and it will help you to start building a bond with your baby even before its born. Rose Quartz has excellent protection energies during pregnancy and childbirth. Keep this stone by your baby's crib after it is born, as this is a wonderful protection stone for children, due to its gentle energy.

* Unakite - works with your reproductive system to ensure a healthy pregnancy and to encourage the development of your baby in the womb.

* Amazonite - during childbirth, this stone helps to assist in the natural dilation of the birth canal allowing for easier delivery. It also helps to ease cramps and spasms.

These stones can be carried or used in meditation.  Be sure to cleanse them and charge them regularly! Stones come with an informational card and a black organza bag to keep them safe when not in use. They also come with instructions on how to cleanse and charge your stones.

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