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Mullein Leaf Powder

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Product Details
Element: Fire
Planet: Saturn

Bulk Herbs: Mullein Leaf Powder
Verbascum thapsus

Format: Powder

Size: 1 oz package

Also Known as Verbascum densiflorum, felon herb, common wormwood, Great mullein, Common, Witch’s Taper, Velvet Dock, Candlestick, Jupiter’s Staff, Felt Wort, and Flannel Mullein.

Farming Type: WildCrafted
Origin: Chile

Mullein is a towering biennial plant with a single stalk up to 6-1/2 feet (2 meters) bearing whorls of leaves and topped with a spike of 5-part yellow flowers. The flowers coat the mouth with a honey-like scent and a sweet taste. The name mullein is derived from the Latin word “mollis,” which means soft. It originates in the Mediterranean but has been naturalized in North America. The Greeks and Romans dried the flowering stem and dipped it in tallow to be used as a lamp wick or torch. This is how Torches, which are sacred to Hecate, were created. These torches were said to ward off evil spirits and witches, though mullein was not uncommon in a witch’s herbal garden. Frazier writes in the Golden Bough that mullein was added to the bonfire on Midsummer’s Eve to ward away evil from the celebration.

Some ancient magical grimoires have listed powdered mullein leaf as a substitute for graveyard dust when that is unavailable. Traditionally used as a tea, it is frequently combined with other herbs. It may be taken as an extract if fresh material is used and rarely found in capsule form. The new or dried flowers have traditionally been used to make an oil infusion for external use. In Magick, Mullein is an excellent herb to impart courage. Ruled by Saturn and Fire, it can also be used for protection and purification.

Mullein is used in all Cthonic practices and is sacred to many underworld Deities. It can be used with the Mighty Dead and Spirit Communication.

It also makes an excellent herb for protecting and purifying tools, places, and people.

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