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My First Gemstone Set

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Gemstone Set: My First Gemstone Set
Contains: 6 Stones

This set was created by popular demand! Mainly created for kids, this set contains complete instructions - in a language that is easy to understand for all kids and teens - on how to cleanse, charge and use each stone. A great starter set for kids of all ages - also a wonderful set for anyone who is just starting to work with gemstones but is not sure on what to do. This set contains the following stones with complete information on how to identify each stone as well as what each stone should be used for:

* Amethyst
* Green Aventurine
* Quartz Crystal
* Rose Quartz
* Moonstone
* Sodalite

This set in kid-friendly language will teach you the proper way to use and cleanse stones in a fun and easy to understand way! This stone set comes with a black Organza bag to keep your stones safe when not in use!

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