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Mystery Boxes

$10 or more
In stock
Product Details

These mystery boxes are a great way to expand your collection! With possibilities ranging from crystals to candles and everything in between, this is an exciting way to add new elements to your craft! Each box will contain items equaling the total value paid, with the exact contents varying each time! You never know what you might get!

Notice: Based on the nature of this product, all mystery boxes and/or their contents are NON-REFUNDABLE.

**Small, Medium, and Large refer to the value of the item(s) NOT the size**

$10 - $30

  • Guaranteed 2 Small items

$31 - $75

  • Guaranteed 1 Medium Item

$76 - $100

  • Guaranteed 1 Large Item


  • Guaranteed 1 Large Item and 1 Medium item

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