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Oat Tops, Whole (Organic)

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Planet: Venus

Bulk Herbs: Oat Tops Whole (Organic)
Avena sativa

Format: Whole Tops
Size: 1 oz package

Also Known as: Avena sativa, Oats, Common Oats, Groats, Oatmeal and sometimes referred to as "avena."

Farming Type: Organic
Origin: USA

Oat tops are, as its name suggests, the dried milky tops of the oat plant. Oats are one of the plants that humans have eaten since prehistoric times. Typically used in baths, tinctures, teas and skin care products.

Note: Do not use if are allergic to oats. Gluten sensitivity will not be activated by use of oat straw on the skin.

In Magick, Oatstraw or oats are ruled by Venus and earth. A strong herb to use in spells for money and prosperity

Keywords: Money and Prosperity For educational purposes only

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