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Obsidian, Snake Skin, Natural

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Chakra: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart

Natural Stones: Snakeskin Obsidian
Size: 3/4: to 1" each stone
Quantity per order: 1 Stone

Everyone is familiar with Obsidian - lava that has cooled so fast, that crystals did not have time to form. Obsidian is made up of the same material as Granite or Rhyolite. Those have cooled slowly and formed crystals in the rock. Obsidian has cooled differently and is not composed of the mineral crystals like those, and is not a true rock. It is really a congealed liquid with tiny microscopic crystals and other impurities. Obsidian is fairly unstable. As it gets older it changes from glass to a rock. The silica modules rearrange into a crystal. Leaving the black glass form behind, and changing into something else.

The quartz in it can begin to form larger crystals that look like snowflakes or white crystals in the obsidian - this is how snowflake obsidian forms. They can also cause the obsidian to start to breakup and look like coal. Breaking into strange crumbly shapes when struck. The process is referred to as devitrification. Obsidian will break like glass, forming very sharp surfaces, however when devitrification occurs it starts to change.

Snake Skin Obsidian is a beautiful stone that is in the middle of the devitrification process. When you look at it closely, you can see black and mahogany obsidian, but you can also see other colors and bands. It is called snakeskin obsidian because the patterns on it resemble snakeskin. The colors vary from crystal to crystal - they are really beautiful!

Energetically, think of what this process is capable of achieving! The energy for change in this crystal is tremendous. Obsidian generally has little to no energy - hence why it is such a great crystal for grounding and protection - however it is not dymanic. This obsidian has begun a permanent process of change that will result with an entirely new crystal being created. This crystal reminds us that we have the power to change - to be anything we want - to create anything we want in our lives. Unfortunately that may mean at times destroying what is already there, and change is difficult. However, what emerges from this change is is a new being, more colorful, more beautiful and completely different. Permanent change, worthwhile change, takes time. Snakeskin obsidian reminds us that anything of value, takes time. Invest in yourself, break the patterns holding you in place and discover how beautiful you can become!

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