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Oregano, Mexican

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Planet: Mercury

Bulk Herbs: Mexican Oregano
Lippia graveolens

Format: C/S
Size: 1 oz package

Also known as: Mexican Sage

Farming: NA
Location: Mexico

Native to the southwestern USA, Mexico and Central America as far south as Nicaragua, this herb has a very different flavor than the Mediterranean oregano. Stronger and bitterer, this more robust flavor stands up to the stronger flavors used in Mexican cooking such as hot chilies and cumin, which could overwhelm the more delicate oregano from the Mediterranean. Thought of as a culinary ingredient, it’s typically used in traditional Mexican cuisine such as berria, posole, and other soups, and is used in similar applications as Marjoram or Greek Oregano.

The leaves of Mexican oregano have been traditionally used to prepare a tea used to aid the respiratory system as well as in treating gastrointestinal issues. Mexican oregano is an aromatic herb botanically classified Lippia graveolens. It is not related to Mediterranean oregano, which is in a different genus and family altogether. Mexican oregano is related to lemon verbena and is in the Verbenaceae family of flowering tropical plants. The herb is also known as Oregano Cimarrón and Hierba Dulce.

In magick, mexican oregano has similar properties to other oreganos. It can be used in all work to increase psychic ability, for improving memory and clarity. It can also be used to improve leadership abilities, and work with spirit guides.

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