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Orris Root (Organic)

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Element: Water
Planet: Venus

Orris Root, Organic

rhizoma iridis

Farm type: Organic

An iris is a group of plants known for their beautiful blooms and their adaptability to an astonishing variety of growing conditions, from the temperate reaches of Oregon to the marshes of Louisiana and even the desert American Southwest. In ancient times the iris was a symbol of power and majesty used as the original scepter. An orris is a group of two species of European iris, cultivated in the region near Florence and sold as "ghiaggiuolo." The rhizomes, resembling ginger, are dug up in August, stripped of their rootlets and bark, and then dried until they have a chalky appearance. Dried orris root smells like violets. Our Orris Root is Wildharvested and comes from Morocco. Orris root has long been used to find and hold on to love. The whole root is carried or ground up and powdered it can be added to sachets, sprinkled on sheets, clothing and the body as well as around the house. In Japan, it is used as a protection against evil spirits. The roots were hung from the eaves of the house or added to bathwater to protect. Orris can also be used in divination incenses and blends. Keywords: Love, Protection, Divination
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