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Palo Santo Incense Sticks by Ispalla

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Chakra: All Chakras
Keywords: Balance, Sacred Space, Cleansing, Healing, Vibrational Shift, Protection

Ispalla began creating Palo Santo incense in 2019. They found an opportunity to elevate Palo Santo wood to its former position by recreating aromatic experiences that provided healing, wellness, and prosperity to our ancient communities.

From their proximity to native communities of artisans dedicated to the sustainable harvesting of Palo Santo, they saw the imminent danger their craft and surrounding environment were subjected to by illegal logging. They began to work closely with the forest authority and community leaders they have dedicated to assisting in the sustainable harvest and crafting of this important resource so it is preserved for future generations

When Ispalla was born, a new door was opened for the world to realize their country’s craftsmanship capacity, using only a natural resource that is loving sustained, and treated with great care and honor.

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