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Passion Flower Herb

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Element: Water
Planet: Venus

Herbs: Passion Flower Herb
Passiflora incarnata

Format: C/S
Size: 1 oz

Also Known as: Passiflora incarnata, Passiflora caerulea, Apricot Vine, Blue and Purple Passionflower, and Maypop.

Location: Italy

Passionflower is a climbing vine native to South Texas, Mexico, and Central America. Growing to a length of 30 feet (9 meters) under ideal conditions, the vine bears three-lobed leaves, purple flowers, and yellow-to-orange egg-shaped fruit. The name of the plant comes an analogy between the plant’s ornate flower to the elements of the crucifixion of Jesus, white and purple to symbolize heaven and purity, five stamens for the five wounds he suffered, three style for the three nails used to affix him to the cross. A Spanish doctor named Nicolas Monardes was the first to document the flower used in Peru in 1569, which he then brought back to Europe with him, where its popularity spread quite rapidly as a sedative. It was later classified by Linnaeus in 1745, when he noted over 20 species.

Nowadays, there are reputably over 400 different species. The parts used are generally the dried leaves and stems. Passionflower powder must be stored at temperatures below 77 degrees F (25 degrees C), and should be used within six months of purchase. Can be used as teas, tinctures and encapsulations. Sometimes found in relaxing bath blends and sleep pillow mixes Herbalists in Mexico, Central America, and Texas have used passionflower as a calmative and sleeping aid for over 200 years. Currently there is a German E monograph for passionflower citing its use as having sedative qualities.

NOTE: Pregnant women should avoid passionflower, since it can stimulate uterine contractions. Safe dosages for children under 6 have not been established. Caution should be used buy those on other sedatives as passionflower may intensify the effects.

In Magick, Passionflower is ruled by Venus and Water. It is an excellent herb to use for all types of sleep blends - but especially sleep pillows. It raises vibrations in a room and tend to bring forth a sense of peace and calmness. Excellent for incense blends and sachets when you need arguments to stop, or just to bring about an overall relaxation to everyone involved. Also works well in incense blends for Meditation.

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