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Personal Protection Set

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Product Details

Crystal Set: Personal Protection
Contains: 4 Stones

Our Personal Protection set is created for protection on the go from not only outside forces but also from yourself when needed! The stones included in this set are:
* Howlite - Spiritual Protection - this is a stone that protects you from psychic attacks and energy vampires. It is excellent for those working with the public all day.
* Black Obsidian - A gentle protection stone that also grounds. It protects from all types of negativity but it also can ask a grounding force when you are about to make bad impulsive decisions.
* Smoky Quartz - A stone that protects your energy field from not just static energy from electrical devices but also from possible attachments and entities
* Ocean Jasper - One of the best stones to protect from envy, jealousy and other toxicity from people around you.

Use one stone at a time or all at once - its up to you! Be sure to cleanse your stones often! All the information on how to use, cleanse and charge the set is provided. A small pouch to keep your stones safe when not in use is also provided.

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