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Pipsissewa Herb (Wild Crafted)

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Product Details
Planet: Saturn

Bulk Herbs: Pipsissewa

Chimaphila umbellata
Format: C/S
Size: 1 oz package
Also Known as: False Wintergreen, Ground Holly, Princess Pine, Price's Pine,

Farming Type: Wild Crafted
Origin: USA

A small, perennial evergreen native to much of southern Canada and the northern United States, pipsissewa was used by native peoples to treat urinary tract infections, as well as to reduce sweating and treat fever. Its scientific name literally means "winter loving," but its leaves are collected in late summer for medicinal use. The leaves have very little scent until they are rubbed to release a pleasant but mildly "puckery" odor. It is currently used as a flavoring in root beer production, and in candy.

The dried leaf is usually used in teas or tinctures can be made. Cosmetically it can be used in creams and lotions.

In magick, Pipsissewa is ruled by earth and Saturn. An excellent herb for all types of money magick and spirit summoning. A great herb for binding spirits and putting an end to things such as cord cuttings, relationships, and more!

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