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Planetary Stones, Gemstone Set

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Gemstone Set: Planetary Stones
Contains: 8 Stones

This set we originally put together as a starter set for anyone starting out using crystals in their magick - but it has become a great set for many other uses! Each stone in this set has a planetary correspondence and will help you to bring the power of the planet into your life and magick! They are excellent for meditation or to carry with you when you need that little extra boost. Need help talking to the boss about your raise? Bring the Mercury stone with you to improve your communication! Looking for new love or to strengthen an existing relationship? Bring the Moon and Venus stones with you! There are so many uses for this set it will quickly become your favorite! It includes the following stones:

Sun: Tiger's Eye
Moon: Moonstone
Mercury: Agate
Venus: Clear Quartz
Mars: Red Jasper
Saturn: Obsidian

This set comes with instructions on how to cleanse and charge your stones as well as a black organza bag to keep your stones safe when not in use!

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