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Quartz, Clear, Grid Set

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Natural Crystal Quartz Set
6 Pieces of Crystal Quartz included

Crystal sets can used in spellcasting or can also be used in Reiki grid work. In the past, I have used them fairly successfully in spellwork by laying the crystals on each point of the pentagram (5 points total). You can lay an additional crystal inside, or not - its up to you. Your intent generally goes inside of the pentagram - you can write it on a piece of paper, or focus it in your mind. The crystal lends its energies to your particular need.

This beautiful set of 6 rough crystal quartz is put together specially for spellwork. Please note that some sets may vary and have larger or smaller stones. Each set comes with a small black velvet bag to keep your crystals safe when not in use. Please remember to cleanse your crystals between uses. Instructions on how to cleanse your crystal will also be included.

Crystal Quartz is considered the stone of Psychism used for scrying, can increase divinatory dreams, said to relieve head-aches, and the elixir can improve health and cure ailments. Small crystals can be added to any infusion or tincture to increase effectiveness. Amplifier of Magic and used in altars to add powers to a ritual. Also used for protection. Use crystals in a pentagram design to confer protection. There are too many uses for it to list all of them, but I will list a few that I have used in the past. Most of these were taking from Scott Cunningham's Book "Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic".

* Use in meditation by laying a grid of crystal quartz around you at the 4 points (NEWS). This is specially potent when using divinatory magic.

* Lay a grid around your altar pentagram and the name of the sick person (or your name) that you wish to cast the spell for. Focus on that person at the center of the altar - you can use something personal of that person, their name in a piece of paper - I personally like to use a tarot card to signify them. Picture that person filled with health - their ailment gone. As the crystal energies wash over them - they become healed and whole again. Do this for as long as you wish - I find it works best when done inside a casting circle.

* Crystal Quartz is one of the best stones to use as an Elixir. To create an elixir - refer to our instructions under the "reference" page. There are many more uses - these are but a few!

(please note that not all pieces or all sets will have pointed crystals. Some will be natural quartz chunks with no points)

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