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Quartz, Inclusion, Tower (Garden Quartz/Lodolite)

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Product Details
Element: Fire, Water
Planet: All
Astrology: All
Chakra: All (depending on Base Crystal)
Keywords: Healing, Augmentation, Higher Self, Spirit Communication, Protection, Higher Planes, Dreams, Meditation, Divination, Problem Solving
Sacred Geometry: Sphere, Rhombohedron, Scalenohedron, Dipyramid, Pyramid

Quartz, Inclusion, Tower (Garden Quartz/Lodolite)
Quantity per order: 1 Tower
Size: 2" to 3" (picture shows a sample selection)

About Clear Quartz

Most quartz forms in either igneous rocks or environments with geothermal waters. In igneous rocks, quartz forms as magma cools. Like water turning into ice, silicon dioxide will crystallize as it cools. Slow cooling generally allows the crystals to grow larger.

Quartz can also grow from silica-rich water. Silicon dioxide dissolves in water, like sugar in tea, but only at high temperatures and pressure. Then, as the temperature or pressure drops, the solution becomes saturated, and quartz crystals form.

About Inclusion Quartz

Inclusion Quartz has had many names associated with it given by the metaphysical community - but they are all basically the same thing. The names we have come across are Lodolite, Garden Quartz, Shaman Dream Quartz, and others. We have also seen where any inclusion is referred to as a "Phantom," which is incorrect in the strict geological sense. A Phantom phenomenon refers to one crystal beginning to form, and then that process is stopped for some reason and resumed. The result is geometric "layers" within the crystal that match the crystal formation outside. Those are true Phantoms.

Most inclusions in quartz form in hydrothermal conditions, especially in Brazil. In these conditions, silica is usually the last mineral to form after rarer, more reactive elements in the crust bond with each other or with silica groups, forming other minerals until only silica remains, which grows in the remaining spaces. This will cause crystals to form inside the Quartz. Some of these inclusion quartz pieces can be absolutely stunning!

Please be careful when purchasing any inclusion quartz. Many of the pieces coming out of China right now are made of powdered Quartz or glass, heated, and formed around a resin center to enhance the colors and shapes. These crystals can be stunning as they are manufactured, and some are actually made of Quartz! Since they are not a natural formation and the inclusions inside are unnatural, the energy stored within the stone will vary from a genuinely natural inclusion quartz. The planet did not infuse energy into that crystal over millions of years; therefore, the stone will be much less vibrant than the natural variety.

All of our inclusion quartz is 100% natural!

Metaphysical Properties of Inclusion Quartz

Quartz is one of the most versatile crystals available to us. Not only is it the most common, but also it pairs amazingly well with any other crystal. It works primarily in the crown chakra when you work with it individually, helping to clear the communication channel between us and our higher selves. It helps with Lucid Dreaming and may even aid in dream recall (pair it with Sodalite for better dream recall). It is also a top-notch healing crystal; some would say it is the best healing crystal. Clear Quartz should always be the first crystal in your collection as it will work well with any other crystal, augmenting and strengthening its abilities! It is also a big energy-absorbing crystal, so you must cleanse it often!

Inclusions can form in any quartz and are often observed in Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, and Amethyst. Some pieces of natural citrine can also have beautiful inclusions! You can also find stunning inclusions in Elestial (skeletal) Quartz. Inclusion quartz is an excellent meditation stone. You can also use it as a divination piece or to aid in working through issues. The chakra it is most aligned with will depend on the type of Quartz: Amethyst for the Third Eye and Crown, Clear Quartz for the Upper Chakras, and Smokey Quartz for the lower chakras.

Classification Silicates
Mohs Hardness 7
Chemical Formula SiO2
Crystal System Trigonal
Diagnostic Properties Conchoidal fracture, glassy luster, hardness
Cleavage None - typically breaks with a conchoidal fracture.
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