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WW Legacy Conjuring Incense Blends

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Size: 2 oz Tin

About Wyld Witchery Legacy Blends

These blends are created for those working in traditional paths of Witchcraft, Hoodoo, Rootwork, Voudou, and Shamanism. If you do not see the blend you need, contact us for a custom blend!

All of our incense is blended with Organic botanicals when possible. We always seek herbs cultivated without chemicals. Please note that our conjuring blends can also be used instead of powders to roll candles in and sprinkle in an area. Our conjuring blends align with traditional rootworking, New Orleans, and Haitian recipes.

  • Algiers - used to attract love and bring luck in gambling
  • All Saints - attracts positive spirits to you and enhances psychic abilities
  • Anger - a twisting blend that works both to create anger and to cancel out its effects
  • As you please - a compelling blend to get others to do what you want without them being aware of it
  • Bible - used in any ceremony associated with the bible and psalms
  • Bind - a conjuring blend used to bind others to keep them from moving forward
  • Blessing - a conjuring blend Incense blend to bless new relationships, homes, pets, etc
  • Black Cat - a conjuring blend used to attract a partner
  • Buckeye - a conjuring blend used to lift curses and hexes
  • Confusion - confuses those trying to send negativity your way
  • Conjure - a conjuring blend or all conjuring working to bless all sacred spaces.
  • Crown of Success - a conjuring road-opening blend that will remove all obstacles in your path to ensure your success
  • Desire Me - a conjuring blend used to cause others to be attracted to you.
  • Dove's Blood - a conjuring blend to bring peace and happiness and lift curses and uncross.
  • Exodus incense - a Conjuring blend to eliminate someone or a nasty spirit bothering you.
  • Fiery Command - a conjuring commanding and compelling blend
  • Fiery Wall of Protection - a powerful conjuring protection blend
  • Gambling - a conjuring blend to draw luck before gambling.
  • High Conquering - a conjuring power blend to attract prosperity, good health, and love.
  • Honors - a conjuring blend to burn as an offering or to honor a spirit or deity
  • House Consecration - a conjuring blend to burn when moving into a new home or when you need to remove negativity and clear in your current home.
  • Inspiring - a conjuring blend used as an energetic pick-me-up - burn to aid someone down on their luck to feel more inspired and positive.
  • Jalop - a strong protection incense
  • Jinx Removing - burn to remove a jinx, curse, or hex.
  • Just Judge - burn to help in court cases and overcome legal entanglements
  • La Flamme - burn to calm restless souls and solve all problems of the heart
  • Lobban - a potent purifying blend used before and after rituals to cleanse evil spirits. This is also a potent luck and protection blend.
  • Moving - burn to stop others from bothering you.
  • Mystic veil - burn to invoke aid from spirits, increase psychic ability, meditation, and prophetic dreaming. They are often used at Seances.
  • Netra - powerful blend to remove any hex, curse or negative entity in a space.
  • Obeah - used to draw positivity and good spirits in the area when working on any ritual.
  • Power - use to enhance your power in any ceremony or situation.
  • Queen Bee - burned by women to attract a male partner
  • Satan be Gone - use to uncross and remove hexes (a potent blend!)
  • Seven Africans - invokes power and protection.
  • Seven-day Uncrossing - burn this blend for 7 days to remove all curses and hexes.
  • Shower of Gold - attract wealth - use for money and prosperity
  • Spirit incense - burn to increase clairvoyant abilities - excellent for those looking for a new job
  • Squint incense - burn to cure infidelity and make them appreciate what they have at home.
  • The Woodsman - burned by men to attract a female partner
  • Three Kings - used to bring good and a change in life.
  • Van Van - burned to purify a room before a ceremony. Be silent while it burns.
  • Vision - burn before and during psychic workings to increase ability.
  • Voodooo - burn on your altar to attract positive spirits and remove negativity and low-vibration spirits.
  • War Incense - works similarly to anger incense - burns to protect yourself from an enemy attacking you - this can also be used to hex (use with CAUTION!)
  • XYZ - a potent blend for protection, both physical and psychic.
  • Ya-Ya Incense - increases sexual potency and female fertility - traditionally used to protect pregnancy and prevent miscarriage.
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