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RM Love and Attraction Oil Blends

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Size: 1/2 oz bottle

About our Raven Moonlight Hand-blended Oils

Our oils are hand blended with all natural ingredients for the freshest possible product. All of our oils come in a 1/2 ounce clear glass bottle with a black cap. All bottles are shrink sealed to maintain freshness.

Our base oil is Jojoba and pure 100% essential oils in every blend. All of our oils are 100% cerified organic as well. Jojoba oil is safe to use on your skin, so you can use it as an anointing oil, add to a massage oil or burn it in an oil burner. You can also use this oil in any type of spell work. And because Jojoba is actually a wax not a vegetable oil, it has a much longer shelf life than normal vegetable based oils, without any additives!

o Arabian Nights – use to for magick to induce lust and passion
o Attraction oil – use to bring things to you
o Cleo May – used by women to attract a generous male partner.
o Come to me – use to force a relationship to come to you (use with caution!)
o Chypre – use to attract new love or to keep the love you have.
o Gay Love – use to find same sex partners
o Glamour Blend – use in magick to enhance your best qualities
o Handfasting – use in all handfasting rituals
o Jezebel oil – use to draw in a rich partner
o Love – use for all types of love spells
o Love uncrossing – use to remove negativity and hexing placed on your relationship by another person
o Queen Bee – used by women to attract multiple partners
o Red Dragon – use when working with dragon energies to bring passion and fire into a relationship
o Self-love – use in magick to improve self-confidence and self-love
o True Love – use in magick to find your true love or soul mate
o Woodsman – used by men to attract a female partner
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