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WW Legacy Psychic & Meditation Incense Blends

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Size: 2 oz Tin

About Wyld Witchery Legacy Blends

These blends are created for those working in traditional paths of Witchcraft, Hoodoo, Rootwork, Voudou, and Shamanism. If you do not see the blend you need, contact us for a custom blend!

All of our incense is blended with Organic botanicals when possible. We always seek herbs cultivated without chemicals.

  • All Saints - a conjuring blend that attracts positive spirits to you and enhances psychic abilities.
  • Ancestors - a witchcraft blend burned to connect with ancestors.
  • Balance - a witchcraft blend with the 4 elements to align you with the 4 elements and 4 directions.
  • Divination - a witchcraft burned to aid in all types of divination. It can also be used for Smoke Scrying.
  • Hedge - a witchcraft blend to enhance meditation, shamanic Journey, and all hedge work.
  • Honors - a conjuring blend burned as an offering or to honor a spirit or deity
  • Guides - a witchcraft blend burned to work with spirit guides of all types.
  • Lobban - a potent conjuring purifying blend used before and after rituals to cleanse evil spirits. This is also a potent luck and protection blend.
  • Lucid - a witchcraft blend burned before bed for all types of dream work, from lucid dreaming to remembering your dreams and prophetic dreaming.
  • Mystic veil - a conjuring blend burned to invoke aid from spirits, increase psychic ability, meditation, and prophetic dreaming. They are often used at Seances.
  • Obeah - a conjuring blend used to draw positivity and good spirits in the area when working on any ritual.
  • Psychic Vitality - a witchcraft blend burned to increase and strengthen psychic ability. Excellent for those opening their third eye.
  • Spirit incense - a conjuring blend burned to increase clairvoyant abilities - excellent for those looking for a new job.
  • Spirit Summoning - a traditional witchcraft Spirit Summoning Blend.
  • Vision - a conjuring blend burned before and during psychic workings to increase ability.
  • Voodooo - a conjuring blend burned on your altar to attract positive spirits and remove negativity and low-vibration spirits.
  • XYZ - a potent conjuring blend for protection, both physical and psychic.
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