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Rainstick, Bamboo, 16"

In stock
Product Details

Rainstick Size: Approximately 16 inches

Color/Style: Assorted

Travel Case: None

The listing includes: 1 Rainstick

The natural Bamboo construction of these Rainsticks makes them durable and lightweight. This pleasant effect instrument delivers plenty of projection and long-sustaining sound. They may be played like a big shaker to create percussive rhythms and the slow rainwash sound effect.

What is the purpose of a Rainstick?

The rain stick is a sound effect instrument. It creates the sound of falling rain. Rain sticks may have been used in rain-making ceremonies in early Indigenous societies.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Rainstick?

This small (but powerful) rain stick shaker has been used for centuries by shamans in ceremonies to break up or remove stuck/stagnant energy in the body. It provides a vibration that can aid in easily removing negative energy and blockages during a healing session.

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