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Red Poppy Flowers

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Element: Water
Planet: Moon, Pluto
Chakra: Heart, Root
Keywords: Heart chakra, The Mighty Dead, Ancestral Veneration, Meditation and Dreamwork

Bulk Herbs: Red Poppy Flowers
Rhoeados Papaveris

Format: Flowers, mostly Whole
ize: 1 oz package

Also known as Red Corn Poppy, American Legion Poppy, Field Poppy, and Flanders Poppy
Origin: Greece

The Red Poppy is native to southern Europe and has been associated with agriculture for centuries. 'Flanders Poppy' refers to the aftermath of a famous WWI battle on Flanders Field, where these poppies grew into abundance. This flower is also used in many countries as a symbol of remembrance for the casualties of wars fought throughout the 20th Century. Papaver rhoeas contains the alkaloid called rhoeadine, which is a mild sedative. Rhoeadic acid, papaveric acid, and rhodanine are also found in this plant.

In the Language of the Flowers during the Victorian period, poppies symbolized eternal sleep, oblivion, and imagination. This symbolism likely originated from the opium poppy that, when taken, would induce a dream-like, hallucinogenic state or sleep, which was popular among Victorians, and the mild analgesic and sedative properties of other poppies. However, the idea that poppy is associated with sleep dates back to the Greek god Hypnos, the god of sleep. Hypnos is sometimes featured carrying a poppy stalk or a horn filled with poppy juice, again likely related to opium, which has been used as far back as Mesopotamia. Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams, is also said to use poppies to help shape the dreams of mortals. This is likely where the name morphine originates. In some European folklore, an old remedy for insomnia included staring into a poppy flower's black center (oblivion).

Magick uses this herb to connect with the dead to honor and remember them. It can also be used to calm the heart and release feelings of anxiety. These flowers also make excellent ancestral offerings.

Keywords: Heart chakra, The Mighty Dead, Ancestral Veneration, Meditation and Dreamwork

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