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Rhodiola Root (Organic)

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Bulk Herbs: Rhodiola Root (Organic)
Rhodiola rosea

Format: Root, Cut
Size: 1 oz package

Also Known as: Arctic root, Golden root, Rose root, Hong Jing Tian

Origin: China

The floral-scented rhodiola root, used for thousands of years in Europe and Asia, has just recently been introduced to the U.S. Traditionally; one of its main uses in the Himalayas was for occasional altitude-related ailments.

Rhodiola from China is the most prevalent material on the market. The sustainability of harvesting this plant from sensitive habitats is increasingly becoming a concern. Because of this China has stepped up its efforts to limit the harvest and sale of the plant in order to protect the plant and the ecosystem. We are still bringing in small amounts of this material when we can, but are focusing our purchasing power on moving towards the cultivated North American Rhodiola.

Sweet and slightly bitter taste. Energetically cold to slightly warm. Its flavor is sweet and bitter, and energetically it is believed to be a cold herb. However, it is sometimes listed as 'slightly warm,' and some deliberation on this is most likely related to the variance in species similar to the variance in the energetics of various types of ginseng.

In magick, Rhodiola root has been used for fertility blends and given to couples to ensure a happy marriage!

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