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Rose Quartz Crystal Elixir

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Our Rose Quartz elixir brings all of the energy of this stone in liquid form so that you can experience it in a whole new way! This crystal is excellent for children and the elderly. It helps to boost self-confidence with a gentle energy. Can also be given to pets who have been through traumatic situations. This elixir works with the heart chakra to clear and balance it and it also pairs well with our Red Amethyst, Blue Sapphire, Green Emerald and Mangano Calcite

Rose Quartz is a member of the Quartz family. It usually occurs in massive form but sometimes grows in clusters of small prismatic crystals. Its name is derived from its color, which ranges from very pale pink to deep reddish pink. Its clarity can range from opaque to translucent to transparent, although most transparent pieces are rather foggy. In some specimens, traces of Rutile within the stone cause six-rayed stars in cabochons or spheres. This is known as asterism. The colour of rose quartz is due to a number of different minor impurities present in the rose quartz including titanium, manganese and even colloidal gold.

Rose Quartz is found in Brazil and Madagascar, as well as South Dakota in the USA.

Infusion Type: Sun Infusion
Infusion Method: Indirect
Bottle Size: 1/2 oz

All of our Sun infused elixirs are single infused for 6 hours in direct sunlight. After that, they rest for 48 hours with the crystal so that the energies in the mother essence can stabilize. All of our mother essences are stored with their infusion stones on a Selenite plate to maintain potency.

Dosage: take 3-4 drops of elixir up to 3 times per day. This elixir does not interfere with any other medication you may currently be on. Contains trace amounts of food grade alcohol. This information is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any disease. Please consult a physician for any medical advice.

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