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Salt, Red Hawaiian (Red Alaea)

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Bulk Herbs: Red Hawaiian Salt (Red Alaea)

Trade Names: Red Alaea Salt, Red Hawaiian Salt, and Red Salt
Origin: Hawaii, USA

Format: Coarse
Size: 2 oz package

Salt is one of history's most sought-after commodities and is still used as a currency in some parts of the world. Hawaiians have used the Red Alaea salt for centuries in sacred ceremonies to cleanse and purify tools and canoes. Unlike most salt which is mined, Red Alaea is sea salt that is created through natural evaporation when it is trapped in tidal pools and mixes with red volcanic clay. The red color itself comes from the extremely high amount of iron in the clay. The salt is said to contain 80 different naturally occurring minerals.

Red Alaea has been the traditional salt used within the Hawaiian Islands to season and preserves most of the inhabitant's foods, and its mesmerizing color, bold flavor, and signature taste profile make it a favorite of countless chefs across the globe. It has a gorgeous deep red color because it is processed with a healthy quantity of Alaea, the legendary red clay found only in Hawaii, and as a result it is rich in iron oxides which may help those who suffer from iron deficiencies Red Alaea salt is excellent with salads, barbeques, fish, raw foods and other light dishes.

The healing nutrients of Red Alaea can be absorbed directly through the skin. It can draw out and eliminate the toxins from your body while promoting smooth and healthy skin. Its use is prolific in salt scrubs, exfoliates, scrubs, and masks, and Red Alaea salt is a popularly used product by many spas across the country

Red Alaea Salt is a mellow flavored salt that compliments all types of meat dishes, as well as soups and stews. It is gaining popularity as a topping for chocolate desserts and ice cream. Its high mineral content makes it the perfect compliment to any beauty/body care regime or formula.

In magick, Red salt is used for all types of love rituals, including consecrations and cleansings during handfastings.

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