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Solfeggio Weighted Tuning Forks Set

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Solfeggio Weighted Tuning Fork Set

Travel Bag: Included

Each set includes: 1 Weighted Tuning fork, 1 hammer, and one bag (You can also choose the entire set)

Material: Our tuning fork set is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is shock-resistant and non-magnetic. It has excellent resonance!


Our weighted aluminum chakra and reiki-colored tuning forks allow for more prolonged tone vibration. They are made of aluminum instead of steel because aluminum can ring overtones. Overtones have a massage-like effect because they produce more pulsations. Those overtones travel through the body, creating structural and physiological healing.

Studies have shown that sound directly impacts mental processes, muscles, the nervous system, heartbeat, pulse, the digestive system, and the circulatory system.

  • 174 hz SKY: Soul Purpose / Merkaba Meditation – Security and Love

This is the lowest of the solfeggio tones and is a natural anesthetic. It reduces pain physically and energetically. It gives your organs a sense of security, safety, and love, encouraging them to function optimally.

  • 285 hz UT: Root Chakra / Vitality Courage – Restoration and Tissue Repair

This frequency sends a message to damaged organs to restructure and restore them to their original state. It influences energy fields.

  • 396 hz RE: Sacral Chakra / Creativity Relationship – Liberating Guilt and Fear

This is an emotional release tuning fork frequency. It helps turn grief into joy. This frequency reaches into your bone marrow and inner structure. It liberates energy and cleanses the feeling of guilt. This tuning fork enables you to achieve your goals on the straightest path by releasing the sound of strength and wholeness. It removes hidden blockages, subconscious negative beliefs, guilt, fear, and defense mechanisms that keep you from manifesting your desires.

  • 417 hz MI: Solar Plexus Chakra/ Balance Understanding – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change

This solfeggio tuning fork frequency helps clear traumatic experiences and destructive influences from past events to achieve your life goals. It removes blocks and negative feelings while energizing your cells so that you can move forward with needed changes in your life. Your identity is strengthened, your stomach and digestive system will come back into alignment, and those organs in the middle of your body will come back into alignment. Your cells are also encouraged to function optimally.

  • 528 hz FA: Heart Chakra / Love Healing – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)

This frequency is known as the love frequency. It removes negative energy and increases love and peace. It brings transformation and miracles into your life and releases the frequency of miracles throughout your body—everywhere your blood flows, miracles flow.

It helps with increased energy and clarity of mind, creates inner peace, activates imagination, and improves sleep. It also opens the heart to heal, decreases stress, increases awareness and clarity, activates spiritual enlightenment, and allows you to operate for your highest and best good.

  • 639 SOL: Throat Chakra / Willpower Communication – Connecting and Relationships

This solfeggio frequency speaks to the wholeness of family. It helps people with relationship problems, whether with friends, family, partners, etc. It helps to promote understanding, tolerance, and love and brings harmony, peace, and joy even over distances. It is often used for the uppermost body part and encourages cells to communicate with their environment.

  • 741 LA: Third Eye Chakra / Intuition Knowledge – Expression and Solving Problems

This tuning fork helps remove blockages to self-expression, which can help with emotional healing and problem-solving. It cleanses toxins from the cells, thereby cleansing the immune system. Using the power of your self-expression means you’ll have a healthier, simpler, purer, and more stable life. This frequency also cleanses the cells from electromagnetic radiation.

  • 852 XI: Crown Chakra / Guidance Spirituality – Return to Spiritual Order

This solfeggio frequency promotes unconditional love, which helps return things to spiritual order. It releases healing into the brain, mind, and soul. It repairs damage in the mind and memory, helping to restore brainwaves and function. It increases awareness and spiritual experiences, allowing you to see illusions in your life or people’s hidden agendas.

  • 963 LAND: Pituitary Chakra / Universal Connection – Communication with the Divine

When this frequency is used, it transforms the cell higher, enabling cellular enlightenment. You will be aligned with the Divine and higher dimensions. It helps find and eliminate the cause of problems, assisting systems to return to their original perfect state. This solfeggio frequency reconnects you with the Spirit, allowing communication with the Light and enabling direct experiences while returning to oneness.

Reported benefits of using Tuning Forks:

Tuning forks, well known for tuning musical instruments, have been studied and found to affect our bodies physically and emotionally positively. We carry weighted tuning forks made especially to align and tune our bodies. These tuning forks resonate with specific frequencies associated with the seven primary chakras.

Potential benefits of using chakra tuning forks:

  • Tunes natural cycles of the body
  • Unites passages, aids digestion
  • Natural anti-inflammatory
  • Increases bone density and promotes healing of strained muscle, tendon, and ligaments
  • Great for sound sleep and enhances relaxation
  • Removes energy blocks
  • Increase blood flow so your cells can work better together
  • Lowers blood pressure and heart rate
  • Relaxes muscles and relieves pain
  • Controls the body's release of hormones
  • Lowers stress and tension
  • Balances the nervous system
  • Stimulates Chi
  • It brings tranquility and inspires calm

The weighted tuning forks in our store also allow for more prolonged tone vibration. This beautiful Rainbow Chakra Tuning Fork Set is perfect for beginners and advanced energy healers.

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