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Stone Root (Wild Harvested)

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Bulk Herbs: Stone Root (Wild Harvested)

Collinsonia canadensis

Format: Root Pieces
Size: 1 oz package

Also Known as Collinsonia canadensis, knob weed, knob root, horsebalm, horseweed

Farming Type: Wild Harvested
Origin: USA

Stone root is a flowering perennial native to North America with a habitat ranging all across the eastern United States and Canada. Part of the mint family, it produces small yellow flowers and can grow up to about four feet in height. The plant is notable for its distinct odor, described as having a lemony scent that is somewhat disagreeable. The root is very hard and heavy, difficult to pulverize or process into powder. The plant was discovered and named after English botanist Peter Collinson.

Stone root is a strong diuretic and is used to flush the urinary tract and provide kidney support. Its astringent properties may make it useful for mild digestive complaints, helping to constrict the intestinal lining. It may also be prepared as a gargle to relieve sore throat.

Much of the description and research related to stone root’s medicinal properties appeared in early 1900’s texts and is not based on contemporary medical research. As with all herbs, exercise discretion and seek advice from multiple independent sources.

Note: Large dosages may cause gastrointestinal upset.

Stone root can be used in Magick as a protection herb - generally used in preparations to protect the home or a person from demonic spirits and negative entities.

Keywords: Protection

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