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Synthetic Drum, 10" , Printed, Moon Woman

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Product Details

10" Synthetic Drum, Printed, Moon Woman

Size: 10"

Frame Type: Misc Wood

Lashing: Wood Cutout

Type: Factory Made

Drumstick: Included (shown in the picture, with Amethyst and Selenite)

Drum Dedication information & Dedication Ceremony: Included

Umbilical cord for Ceremony: None

Drum therapy uses rhythm techniques to accelerate healing, produce happy feelings, maintain good health, and overcome mental trauma. Drumming has been shown to boost immunity and aid the stimulation of complete body and mind balance.

Many studies have shown that drumming is an accepted and essential part of healing medicine. The health benefits are immense; here are some of them:

  • A sense of belonging and connection with others
  • Aids with Alzheimer’s management
  • Allows and increases self-realization
  • Anxiety and stress reduction
  • Encourages mindful thoughts
  • Helps to overcome emotional problems in young people
  • Immune system boosting properties
  • Pain management
  • Release of negative feelings
  • Tension reduction

Along with all of the benefits above, drumming aids brain energy, and science has confirmed this. Drumming as a sound synchronizes the brain and thus produces a healthier mental state. Meditation or a shamanic Journey can also be a great way to achieve higher states of consciousness. Because of its rhythmic nature, drumming is becoming a specific area of music therapy and a well-used area of sound therapy.

When working with the pure energy of drums, they can do three things:

  • Awaken the Self (Consciousness)
  • Heightens Perception
  • It enables us to see into the deeper realms of self, lifting energy and moving you to the next level of consciousness.

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