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WW Legacy Healing, Balancing & Purification Incense Blends

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Size: 2 oz Tin

About Wyld Witchery Legacy Blends

These blends are created for those working in traditional paths of Witchcraft, Hoodoo, Rootwork, Voudou, and Shamanism. If you do not see the blend you need, contact us for a custom blend!

All of our incense is blended with Organic botanicals when possible. We always seek herbs cultivated without chemicals.

  • All Saints - attracts positive spirits to you and enhances psychic abilities.
  • Balance - blended with the 4 elements to align you with the 4 elements and 4 directions.
  • Blessing - Incense blend to bless new relationships, homes, pets, etc
  • Healing - a powerful healing blend for both energetic and physical healing work.
  • Hearth & Home - a home purification and balancing blend. Burn it in a central location in the home to raise vibrations and bring peace. Excellent for clearing the home after having company or after the holidays.
  • House Consecration - burn when moving into a new home or when you need to remove negativity and clear in your current home.
  • Lobban - a potent purifying blend used before and after rituals to cleanse evil spirits. This is also a potent luck and protection blend.
  • The Divine Feminine - a blend created to invoke and align with the Divine Feminine.
  • The Divine Masculine - a blend created to invoke and align with the Divine Masculine.
  • Van Van - burned to purify a room before a ceremony. Be silent while it burns.
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