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WW Legacy Protection & Power Incense Blends

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Size: 2 oz Tin

About Wyld Witchery Legacy Blends

These blends are created for those working in traditional paths of Witchcraft, Hoodoo, Rootwork, Voudou, and Shamanism. If you do not see the blend you need, contact us for a custom blend!

All of our incense is blended with Organic botanicals when possible. We always seek herbs cultivated without chemicals.

  • Home Protection - a blend created to protect the home. Burn it in every room in the home for full protection.
  • Jalop - a strong protection incense
  • Protection - a traditional witchcraft protection blend
  • Seven Africans - invokes power and protection.
  • Nine Sacred Woods - a traditional blend used during Beltane to protect the home and land and bring prosperity for the coming year.
  • Warding - a blend to enhance energetic protection on both people and locations.
  • XYZ - a potent blend for protection, both physical and psychic.
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