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Weight Loss Gemstone Set

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Product Details

Crystal Set: Weight Loss
Contains: 4 Stones

Our Crystal gemstones for Weight Loss set was designed to help you with your diet, exercises and or your doctors advice. The stones properties combined give you the strength and harmony with food and your body, helping any diet you already doing. These energies combined work on your subconscious to help you stick with your schedule diet and exercises. Use on meditations, spells and carry it with you for a better daily routine! Stones in this set are:

- Rose Quartz
- Aventurine
- Sodalite
- Carnelian

Use one stone at a time or all at once - its up to you! Please keep in mind that the gemstone set is an adjunct to what you are already doing to lose weight - the stones will simply help you to stay on track. Crystals are excellent tools - but they are simply that - tools. They can help you stay on track and remain focused.

***This is not a replacement for a healthy diet or exercise. It is simply meant to assist with your current diet plan!*** The uses for this set are only limited by your imagination! Comes with instructions on how to cleanse and charge them as well as an organza bag to keep them safe when not in use!

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