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White Sage Bundles

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Salvia apiana

California White Sage is unique among all the sages in the world. Its broad leaves grow in beautiful flower-like clusters that sit atop a silvery stalk. Its scent is unmistakable with a strong, pleasant aroma that evokes the chaparral environment of the mountains of Southern California, the habitat where California White Sage is found. The Cahuilla, a Native American tribe that lived in what is now San Diego and Riverside counties, called white sage qas’ily and used its seeds to make a type of flour. They also used white sage as a cure for colds, preparing the leaves in various manners. It is also known that white sage was burned, the smoke being used to purify objects.

Today, the strong scent of California White Sage is prized for use in smoke cleansing, and when burned, is believed to purify people, places, and objects. Our white sage bundles come from California. Our supplier works with Native families who maintain a sustainable production of Sage, harvest the traditional way. Our sage bundles are offered by size and are graded by approximate length and width. Because each bundle is hand-crafted, there will always be variation.
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