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Wild Cherry Bark

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Product Details
Element: Water
Planet: Venus

Bulk Herbs: Wild Cherry Bark

Prunus serotina

Format: Bark
Size: 1 oz package

Also Known as: Prunus serotina, Black Cherry (Prunus virginiana), Virginian Prune, and Choke Cherry.

Origin: USA

From ancient times the cherry has been associated with virginity, the red-colored fruit with the enclosed seed symbolizing the uterus. Buddhism teaches that Maya, the virgin mother of Buddha, was supported by a holy cherry tree during her pregnancy. In Danish folklore, a good crop of cherries was insured by having the first ripe fruit eaten by a woman shortly after her first child was born. Many myths used cherries as symbols of both education and concealment. The cherry has been associated with virginity from ancient times to modern, which probably arose from the red-colored fruit with enclosed seed symbolizing the uterus.

Wild Cherry bark is most commonly found in Syrup formulas, however, it may be administered as a tea or extract. The dried bark is generally used.

NOTE: All stone fruits (cherries, apples, apricots, peaches, plums, pears) contain very low levels of hydrogen cyanide in their bark and pits. The concentration is low enough to be considered therapeutic, but don’t take the whole bottle all at once! Not recommended for small children, nursing mothers, pregnant women, or people with severe kidney or liver disease. Not recommended for long-term use.

In Magick, Wild cherry bark is ruled by Venus and water. It is an excellent herb for all types of love spells. I can also be added to divination blends to add a little insight!

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