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Workplace Essentials Kit

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Product Details

We put this kit together to help you navigate your daily workplace and keep your energy protected at the same time. This kit contains everything you need to keep in your office, desk or workplace to create a positive work environment! Kit includes:

1 Full size bottle of our Cleansing spray - spray this in any location to remove toxicity and low vibes: Office, conference rooms, waiting areas, etc!

1 Full size bottle of our Aura Cleansing spray - Use this spray anytime you have to be near toxic or extremely negative people. This spray will help remove any residues left behind in your personal energy!

1 Tumbled Hematite - This is a great grounding crystal to keep by your desk. It helps to calm, aids with grounding anxiety and bringing peace.

1 Natural Smoky Quartz - This is a fantastic protective stone, that can be used to remove energetic static created by computers and other electronics. It also has great grounding and protective properties.

1 Natural Ocean Jasper - a Fantastic stone to protect you against jealousy, and general negativity from toxic people.

All items come with instructions on how to cleanse and program your stones and an organza bag to keep everything together!

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