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Amāre Herbal Blend

Amāre [äˈmäːrɛ]

Inflection of A (I love).


  1. To love
  2. In love with
  3. Make Love

Our Amāre Herbal Blend is a versatile tool for any ceremony or ritual involving Elemental Water, The Emotional Body, Water Signs, Self-Love, and more.

It contains the following ingredients:

  • Rose Flowers
  • Calendula Flowers
  • Heather Flowers
  • Hyssop
  • Damiana Leaf
  • Lobelia Leaf
  • Skullcap
  • Mugwort
  • Elder Flowers
  • White Willow Bark

About our Herbal Blends

Herbal blends are one of the most versatile tools for all magick, as they can be used in a bath, a floor wash, incense, a simmer pot, sachets, pillows, poppet fillers, and so much more.

Below, we will explore how you can use our Herbal Blend in your ceremony.

Creating an Herbal Infusion

Creating an herbal infusion with your herbs has many uses.  As with most ceremonies, it begins with intent.  Focus on what you are going to be using the infusion for.  Once you are ready, create a sacred space.  I generally like to do this in my kitchen.  I often bring a spell candle and incense to add more power.

The first step is to boil about 2 quarts of water.  While the water boils, take about 2-3 tablespoons of herbs and bruise them in your mortar and pestle, then add them to a muslin bag (the bruising will break the skin of the dried herb allowing for better infusion).  Once the water is boiling, pour it into a large bowl and add the muslin bag.  Let it steep for about 20 minutes.  You will have a dark infusion.

Pull the herb bag out, squeeze the last bit of infusion, and set it aside.  You can bottle the infusion if you wish.  Please keep it in the refrigerator; it will stay good for about a week.  If you want to keep it longer, you will need to add an alcohol preservative to it.  I recommend creating a fresh batch whenever you need it.  Here are some uses for the infusion:

  • Using it as a Floor Wash: In a bottle, add 50% of your favorite floor cleaner and 50% of the infusion.  
  • Using it as an Herbal Bath: Add the entire infusion to your bath.  You can follow the same steps for your bath as you would with our Amāre Bath Salts.
  • Using it to consecrate items: You can choose to either anoint the item with the infusion or pour it in a small bowl and dunk it.
Herbal 1

Using the Herbs without Infusing them

You can also use our herbal blends in other ways without creating an infusion.  Below are a few ideas you can try:

  • To Create an Incense: Add the desired amount of herbs to your mortar and pestle (I also like to add a dash of saltpeter), and grind them down into the desired consistency for your incense. This method allows you to create specific incense for each ceremony imbued with different intents. You can make one imbued to find a new partner and another to heal past heartbreak. Creating your own incense allows you to personalize your ceremony experience.
  • To Create a sachet, poppet, or dream pillow, Be sure you have your bag first (if you are making a poppet, you can have the figure pre-sewed, and if you are making a dream pillow, you can have a small pillow pre-made). Stuff your bag with as much of the blend as you feel necessary. Close the bag or sew it shut. If you are creating a dream pillow, add some stuffing to make it fluffier.
  • To Create a simmer pot: A simmer pot is a beautiful way to release the energy of the herbs with elemental water instead of fire. Add 1-2 cups of water to a small saucepan and a handful of herbs. Set it on low and let it simmer. I like to let it simmer all day, adding more water as needed. The steam from the pot will disperse the energy throughout your entire home!

A Head Washing Ceremony

This ritual is inspired by the Haitian Voodoo Lavé Tèt Ceremony, which translates to “washing the head” in Haitian Creole, as a method of cleansing oneself, similar to a baptism or cleansing bath. This is by no means the same ritual, but it is my adaptation to offer others a different way to connect with plant medicines. A head-washing Ceremony is excellent for providing insight into difficult situations, communing with spirits, cleansing, and releasing things that no longer serve you.

  • This ceremony must be performed before bed. When I do this ceremony, I prepare my bedroom differently. I will generally add crystals to my nightstand and burn some incense to raise the vibrations in the area.
  • Place a sheet over your bed (you will be sleeping with herbs all over you). And be sure you have showered and purified yourself before you begin.
  • You can perform this ritual either in your bathroom or outside if you prefer. You will need a bucket filled with water.
  • Wherever you decide to perform the ritual, be sure you bring everything with you so you can create sacred space. You can add crystals, candles, incense, etc. I generally like to perform this ceremony with a Spell Candle.
  • Once you create sacred space, sit before your bucket and focus on your intent. Once you have it clear, move that energy into the water.
  • Grab a handful of the herbal blend, and bring it to your heart chakra. Ask the plant spirits to help you in what you seek. Open your heart and show them what you need from the ceremony. Once you feel connected to the herbs, add them to the water.
  • You can now sit with the water for a while, visualizing what you need assistance with. I talk to the water and herbs and tell them what I need. If I cry, I allow the tears to fall into the water.
  • Once you feel that the water is charged enough and you are ready, get up, and with intent held firmly within you, pour the mix over your head. I will generally stand there for a while, feeling the energy around me.  
  • You will be drip drying; do not use a towel. During this time, I will close my sacred space, rinse my bucket, and cleanse my tools (while I dry).
  • Once you are dry enough, go immediately to bed. Do not wipe off any water or herbs from your body or hair. If you would like, you can ask your higher self or the spirits to send you messages while you sleep.
  • Lay down and go to sleep. When you wake in the morning, if you can remember your dreams, write down in detail what you experienced. If not, take note of how you feel. I generally thank the herbal spirits working with me before I step into the shower to rinse.

You can also perform this ceremony with our Bath Salt Blend instead of the Blended herbs.


Elemental Water connects us with our emotional body, intuition and universal love. 


Elemental Fire connects us with change, transformation and personal power.


Pluto rules the underworld and helps us work with our ancestors as well shadow work and personal growth.


Neptune rules psychic ability, dreams and aids in connecting with the spirit world.

The Moon

The Moon connects us with our intuition, relationships and emotions.


Venus Rules Love, Glamour, Creativity, Sexual attraction

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