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Lōtus Oil

Lōtus [ˈɫ̪oːt̪ʊs̠]

From Latin Lōtus (lotus).


lōtus (feminine lōta, neuter lōtum); first/second-declension participle).

  1. washed, bathed, having been washed
  2. elegant, luxurious,
  3. fashionable, refined
  4. A kind of aquatic plant, genus Nelumbo, in the family Nelumbonaceae.
  5. A water lily, genus Nymphaea, especially those of Egypt or India.

Our Lōtus oil is the perfect ceremonial tool for all rituals involving Elemental Air, The Mental Body, Air Signs, Higher Planes, Higher-self, and the crown chakra.

It contains the following ingredients:

  • Blue Lotus EO
  • Bergamot EO
  • White Sage EO
  • Hyssop EO
  • Hyacinth FO
  • Rosemary EO
  • Patchouli EO
  • Gotu Kola Herb
  • Cornflower Buds

Using Oils

Ritual application of oil to a person or an object is an almost universal practice in the history of religions, although both the steps and oils used and meanings ascribed to ritual anointments vary by spiritual paths. It is an ancient practice that has been revived in modern paganism.

The medicine person or sage of a tribe was both a physician and spiritual leader. In ritual anointing, this conjunction of religion and medicine is clear. Anointment applies the power of natural forces to the sick and those seeking change in life, partnering with herbal allies to enhance and empower these experiences.

Anointing ceremonies have been used for blessings, consecration, and initiations and can be an integral part of a spellcasting ritual.

Oil 2

Using anointing oils

There is a fallacy that oils can be purchased and used as is from the shelf.  The power of the blends comes through ceremony and in elevating the oil from a mundane to a sacred tool.  Only then are the energies of the blend activated and the herbal spirit allies called.

The oil should be used with clear intent.  A simple anointing ceremony is outlined below.

Simple Anointing Ceremony

  • Create sacred space before you begin.
  •  Focus on your intent – what is your ceremony about? Are you blessing a person or object? Are you empowering or consecrating a tool?
  • For objects: Once the intent is clear, pick up the oil and apply it to the object. Keep focusing on your goal, and as you rub the oil on your tool, visualize your intent imprinting on it.
  • For People: Once the intent is clear, pick up the oil and apply it to the person (or yourself) in key places in the body—the center of the forehead, the center of the chest, wrists, and ankles.
  • Once anointed, sit with the person or object for as long as needed to feel the energies imprinting on them. You may burn some incense during this time or say your blessings.
  • Close your circle and release your sacred space
  • Your Ceremony is complete!

Candle Magick

Oils can also be used in candle magick as part of your ritual or ceremony.  You can charge your ritual candles with any oil blend.  To read more about Candle Magick, check this article by Raven Runyan.



Elemental Water connects us with our emotional body, intuition and universal love. 


Elemental Air connects us with inspiration, creativity, clarity and the higher realms.


Saturn rules organization, legal matters, endings and banishings.


Mercury rules creativity, communication, clarity, and travel.


Jupiter brings us the energy of expansion, abundance, protection and growth.


Venus Rules Love, Glamour, Creativity, Sexual attraction

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