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Aura Bath Salts

Aura [ˈäu̯rä]

From Latin Aura


aura f (genitive aurae); first declension


  1. A breeze
  2. A breath of Air
  3. The Air

Our Aura Bath Salts are the perfect ceremonial tool for all rituals involving Elemental Air, The Mental Body, Air Signs, Higher Planes, Higher-self, and the crown chakra.

It contains the following ingredients:

  • Blue Lotus EO
  • Bergamot EO
  • White Sage EO
  • Hyssop EO
  • Magnolia EO
  • Hyacinth FO
  • Anise EO
  • Agrimony Herb
  • Gotu Kola Herb
  • Blue Lotus Flowers

About Bath Salts

Bathing and cleansing arose as a spiritual ceremony in Asia and India, although the tradition then was tied to the healing waters of rivers.  The Romans and Greeks were the key drivers in bringing it indoors and making it a social healing and wellness experience.

Over the years, the bathing experience has changed and modernized. Public Bathing fell in and out of fashion many times through the years. Private bathing was only afforded by the very rich. With today’s technology, bathing has become a private personal ritual that most can enjoy at home.

Bathing has been proven to ease stress, help tired muscles recover, and even reduce the chance of heart disease. A 2018 study out of Japan reported that regular submersion in 100-degree Fahrenheit (40-degree Celsius) water significantly reduced stress, fatigue, and pain, improved skin condition, and reported feelings of health. The researchers compared two groups, one who showered regularly and one who bathed regularly, over two weeks. They then swapped the groups so the showerers became bathers and vice versa. The bathers had better outcomes than those who showered.

A ceremonial bath enhances the bath experience to heal not only the body but also the spirit. Bathing with herbs invites our plant spirit allies to work uniquely with our entire body and spirit. Adding intention to your bath can create a beautiful ceremony that can be truly empowering.

Using Bath Salts

Creating a ceremonial bath at home is a deliberate experience of intent.  The ceremony doesn’t begin when you enter the bath, but it starts right when you begin to create just the right ambiance for your bath.  All of these steps will add to the power and effectiveness of your ritual bath.

These bath Salts can be used in many different ways.  You can create a foot bath, if you do not have a bathtub, and still have the benefit of a bath ceremony, just follow all of the same steps.  You can also use this blend in a head washing ceremony if you prefer.  Below are some steps on how you can create an empowering bath ceremony.

Bath Ceremony to De-Clutter the Mind

  • Be sure your bathroom, tub, and yourself are clean before you begin your ceremony. You do not want to have a cluttered experience.
  • Consider what you will have in the room to create the ambiance. Consider bringing in candles (illumination and spell candles if you wish), incense, crystals, oils, and sprays to add to your ceremony. 
  • Good crystals to add are clear quartz, selenite, Sodalite, and Lapis Lazuli for a decluttering the mind ceremony. You can also use the Aura Herbal Mist to empower the experience. Good candle colors are white, purple, or Indigo. You can charge your candles with the Lōtus Oil and use our Lōtus incense during your ceremony.
  • Once everything is in the bathroom, close the door and create a sacred space.
  • Sit down and focus on the intent of your bath. Once you have that clear, begin deliberately placing the items around the tub or the bathroom in a way that feels right for you. Let your intent and intuition guide you.
  • Draw the bath once the room is set and everything is in place. 
  • If you plan to use incense, light it.
  • As the water pours into the tub, light your candles. If you brought a spell candle, this is the time to charge it with your intent. Once charged, light your spell candle.
  • Take your clothes off. Before you enter the tub, you can anoint yourself with our Lōtus Oil or use our Aura Herbal Mist to prepare your physical body for the experience.
  •  Some people also prefer to anoint the bathtub’s rim with the oil or spray the top of the water before they step in.
  • Step into the tub and gently sink into the water. Take a moment to feel the energy of the water; feel it touching every inch of yourself and aiding you in the work of your intent.
  • Close your eyes and visualize your brain. Move your awareness up your body until you feel your brain inside your head. Let the body relax in the water; the more it relaxes, the more weightless you feel.
  • You see your brain enshrouded in heavy clouds, lightning, and rain patches. It feels tense and overworked. You begin to feel a gentle breeze come over you, and you realize as it blows, it begins to blow over you slowly.
  • At this time, you can use the herbal mist if you want; if not, keep focusing on your brain and watch as the dark clouds slowly release rain, and it falls into the water with you. The lightning slows down, and as each cloud empties its load of water, it gets whiter and more transparent until it dissipates completely.
  • Continue this process until your mind is clear of all clouds, lightning, and rain. You feel your head lighter and open. When the breeze blows, you feel it in every corner of your brain as if it has opened the windows of your mind, and the air is flowing freely with nothing holding it back.
  • You may use the Herbal Mist over the bath water to enhance the ceremony and experience.
  • Once you are finished, step out of the bath. Dry yourself off with a clean towel. (tip: I like using a mesh strainer to remove the floating herbs from the water so they do not clog my pipes. I then leave the herbs I collected out by my offering tree to give them back to Mother Earth).
  • Open the drain and watch as the water goes down, giving thanks for the aid you have received during your ceremony. As the tub drains you feel all of the mental chatter and clutter drain with it.
  • Once you feel ready, release your sacred space and snuff out all of the candles other than your spell candle if you had one (you need to let the candle burn down).

Elemental Water connects us with our emotional body, intuition and universal love. 


Elemental Air connects us with inspiration, creativity, clarity and the higher realms.


Saturn rules organization, legal matters, endings and banishings.


Mercury rules creativity, communication, clarity, and travel.


Jupiter brings us the energy of expansion, abundance, protection and growth.


Venus Rules Love, Glamour, Creativity, Sexual attraction

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