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Gaudium Warding Salts

Gaudium [ˈɡäu̯d̪iʊ̃ˑ]

Inflection of A (I love).


  1. Joy, Delight

Warding Salts are created to protect, consecrate, cleanse or bless an area.  Our Gaudium Warding Salts are created to raise the vibrations in an area, be it your home, your ceremonial space or even your place of business.

Our Guadium Warding Salts contain the following ingredients:

  • Natural Fine Pacific Sea Salt
  • Natural Himalayan Sea Salt
  • Blue Lotus EO
  • Blue Lotus Flower Petals
  • Organic Cornmeal
  • Hyssop Herb
  • Hyssop EO
  • Cedarwood EO
  • Cedar Tip Needles
  • Rose Petals

About our Warding Salts

Warding Salts can be used in many ways.  We recommend using them primarily by sprinkling them over the area you wish to protect. You can also charge the entire jar and leave it in a specific area to raise the vibrations of that area.

Below, we will explore two ways to use our Gaudium Warding Salts.  The first step is to empower the salts with your intent.  Please note that these salts are not meant to be used as Bath Salts, but you can use them that way in a pinch or you can also use them in a head washing ceremony.

Empowering your Warding Salts

Empower the Salts first on your altar.  You can empower the entire Jar or just the amount you wish to use, if you plan to empower the rest for something different later.

  • Create Sacred Space in your preferred way.  You can use crystals and a spell candle and incense if you wish to empower your salts.
  • Place the salts at the center of your altar.  I generally like to place something under them representing what I plan to use them for.  If I want to ground negativity in my home, I may place a Saturn Sigil on a piece of paper or a pentacle under them.  If I plan to raise the vibration to bring harmony, I will generally use a rose quartz slab empowered with my intent or a picture of a heart chakra with my address written on it under the Jar.
  • Focus on your intent.  Close your eyes and see it clearly. 
  • Cup your hands over your salts and transfer all of the energy you are visualizing into the salts.
  • If you are using incense, you can pass the salt jar through incense smoke to bless it even further. Place the Jar back on the altar.  If you feel the need to add anything to your blend, such as a crystal or other oils, do it now.
  • If you used a spell candle, let the candle burn all the way down.  Allow the Jar to sit atop the item representing your intent for a full 24 hours, undisturbed.
  • Your salts are now ready to be used.

Ways to use your Warding Salts

You can use your salts in one of 2 ways:

  • Using the entire Jar as is: You can place the entire Jar at the center of the room you plan to disperse the energy in.  I will generally add a rose quartz stone, charged with my intent, to the jar to keep it going for a full 30 days.  Your jar can cover one entire room in your home or office.  You can use the salts indefinitely, but they must be empowered again after 30 days.  To do this, remove the stone, cleanse it, and do the empowering ceremony again.  If you wish to strengthen the scent, add a few drops of our Rosa oil or spray the Amāre Herbal Mist on it instead. This is a great option for those who live in an apartment building or for an office.
  • Sprinkling the Salts, This is a great way to use the salts to create a perimeter around your home.  If you want to use banishing or cleansing salts as well, be sure to use those FIRST.  Once your salts are empowered, start at the very front of your property, and sprinkle them around it in a circle.  One Jar should be able to empower your entire house (a little goes a long way!).  As you do this, you can say what you want the salts to do for you, for example “I call on the energies of these salts to aid me in raising the vibrations in my home, to bring harmony and love and make this a sanctuary and blessed space for our entire family”.   It is generally recommended to complete this ceremony monthly (if your family is going through a difficult time) or every 3 months for maintenance.  

Blessing an Area for an outdoor Ceremony

You can empower the entire Jar for the work of blessing sacred space.  Then, every time you have a ceremony, you can sprinkle the salts around the ceremonial space to bless it, as well as keep any negative energies from entering.  Once again, a little goes a long way! This is not recommended for an indoor ceremony unless you plan to vaccum them up once you are finished.


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Jupiter rules abundance, growth, protection and manifestation.

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The Sun rules positivity, leadership and Personal Power.


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The Moon connects us with our intuition, relationships and emotions.


Venus Rules Love, Glamour, Creativity, Sexual attraction

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